Yoga – India’s Precious Gift To The World!!

YogaIndia’s Precious Souvenir To The World!!


Discovering one of the India’s oldest methodology for grooming personality physically and getting spiritual influence is now on the Globe.

Calmness calls for serenity and hen everything in the world goes down to give you mental freeness or poise, a remedial class of Yoga promises you to provide solace. Yoga renovates your body to acquire “Moksha” -The final amalgamation of mind and soul from the Cosmos.


The whole world is talking about Yoga and its benefits for the body and soul. On this advent we all know the International Yoga Day is going to be celebrated on 21st June 2015. 175 nations are supporting this cause and revolution. Having said that, the thought of making yoga an international therapy had been suggested by numerous people in the past following it Yoga Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji in Dec 2011 endorsed and proposed for the same again, to have yoga showcased globally.

Hence, it was followed by United Nations to commence International Yoga Day on 21st June 2015 to its final resolution.


India being the origin of Yoga – The term itself is a derivative from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘To Join Together’. It’s a therapy that dictates certain postures to follow with deep breathing techniques. Yoga also poses meditation systems for mental peace. The person who does Yoga not only practices the steps but also thrives to balance the lifestyle with these asanas.These asanas are effective with accurate diet, rest and meditation, which help to develop positive thoughts.


The consequence of this control is ideal well-being and prosperity that incorporates things, for example, insight, imagination and peace inside of one’s self and the world.


Only few minutes in a day can revolutionize your life! Even if you’re glancing for well-being and happiness or peace and affection, whether its achievement on the planet or inward investigation you’re taking a stab at, these basic practices are intended to help you slice through the battle and stroll through existence effortlessly.

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