Clouds – The Just the Perfect Embodiment for a Photographer’s CLICK


Pic By Me iPhonePhoto

Usually all of us connect ourselves to nature in some or the other way andenjoy its beauty whenever we could steal some time from our daily stuff! Taking about nature and the seasons which we all adore, generally people admire sunny day – which is not too Hot neither too cold. Apparently A day with ample clouds in the sky one would love to take a picture and capture those moments forever. From the view point of a photographer, landscape photography is the best friend to them. Sky, water, flora and fauna, last but not the least CLOUDS are the favorites.


Pic By Me iPhonePhoto

Let’s talk about CLOUDS; they add charm to any image clicked by the photographer. Clouds are wonderful putting performance to any picture and they set the tone for the image as well. Nevertheless, the most crucial element is that; Clouds aids with the equilibrium for an image. Just to illustrate what I meant to say, please have a look to a picture taken by one of very good friend, who’s a terrific photographer.

Pic Courtesy – Anil Gulati

Evening over upeer lake as rain arrives

At the present, I’ll give you a description for this astounding picture above. With the advent of Monsoon hitting the land of Madhya Pradesh, the very first day the capital city Bhopal witnessed sky with clouds all over and the day seemed as night. This mesmerizing picture is of the Upper Lake, Bhopal a tourist destination of the city. The dark clouds over this huge lake seem like a veil covering the waters beneath, all set to pour heavily, making the blue water into pale black.

You can also glimpse the breathtaking transitioning of those dark clouds over the lake waters like an extraterrestrial activity. For a photographer capturing the altitudes and variety of formations which clouds undergo continuously is worth a lifetime with incredible satisfaction. Clouds offer an excitement for a photographer to click and translate his/her whole picture into a language or a story.


Certainly it is the most fantastic emotion about being a photographer.        


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