Munsiyari – A Town Which Satisfies Your Wanderlust Completely!

Munsiyari a secluded town less known to wanderers, yet angelic and indulging for rovers. I personally Loved the place, sooo… unadulterated and tranquil!

The Moon God’s house is paradise in the foothills of Himalayas, merged with the Pithoragarh locale of Uttaranchal, at a ridge of 2290 m. For the individuals who have a propensity for things self important – the lofty Kumaons may very well extinguish you hunger for new experiences.

Panchchuli Peaks_Sunset Munsiyari

Munsiyari is another disclosure as a traveler place in Uttarakhand, till as of late Munsiyari was a confined region in Himalayan inward line wedged in the middle of fringes of India, Nepal and China, but now the precincts are open and facilitated to have Munsiyari on visitor map.


The culture and people ponders a clear perspective of the entrancing Panchachauli Range and the Nanda Devi Range from a nearby quarter. Drive to Munsiyari from Pithoragarh is loaded with wonderful scenes and falls and one can appreciate change of flora and fauna by picking up statures, one can see chir trees to Deodar and from Surai, to spur, more on the cards from paper trees to rhododendrons.

munsiyar fog

There is a halfway town named Nachani, where one can halt and have nourishment , stay places at Nachani, Namic icy mass begins at Ramganga, while going for onwards travel one can see numerous waterfalls, charming Vrithi fall ( water tumbles from 410 mtrs),sulfur springs, and One can appreciate cool wind on higher mountains with stunning perspective of Panchachului .

namik glacier

You can meander uninhibitedly through the thick Alpine forests and can trace the strides of those moving rivulets or perhaps impart a saccharine sweet tea to the perpetually grinning local people in the mountain tea shop. In springs lower achieves woods are abalze with rhododendrons woodlands, Mountain winged creatures like wag tail, shrieking thrush, cuckoo, hawk, serpent bird, falcon, are found here, additionally Wild creatures like Panther, Mountain bear, Leopard, and musk deer are photographers delight.

Balti Ranges

Whatever you may do however the dazzling vision of the impressive and immense snow divider scattered over the whole horizon will allure you each time you view. It will allure and revive you without a doubt. Hoisting your soul – The spot where numerous courses are yet to be discovered, many lands yet to be trodden upon – unadulterated virgin landscape, basking in flawless excellence.

Munsiyari Birhti Falls

The Hills are perfect for the trekkers’ feet and is a Hikers’ delight–with different less treaded upon courses, alongside the compelling Nanda Devi Base Camp. One can see Panchuli Peaks look like as five stacks, River Goriganga streams by Munsiyari and channels at 18 kms in length Milam Glacier and converges with Balati Glaciers and Panchuli snowfields, Valley of Gori has a few trekking courses and known as trekkers heaven, Some treks are extremely popular like trekk to Milam, Namik Trekk, Ralan Glacier trekk and so on.

trek route

The excursion towards Munsiyari is as pleasant as the destination itself. Balati Farm is a prevalent trek where you can discover lovely perspectives of cold Himalayas and Maheshwari kund is a tranquil lake encompassed by bogs overflowing with life. Enjoy waterway rafting Gori Ganga. Hire Jeep Safaris’ approachable at Madkote (22 Kms) and from Baneanani and Jauljibi (66 kms) that proffer humangous landscapes and sexy views of glorious mountain landscape and waterfalls.

Chakori Munsiyari

What’s more is reaching to this untouched destination from Delhi – 600 km or train route from Kathgodam. A nature’s genuine treat gives a chance to not hose your meander soul as at the doorstep of Munsiyari, you are encompassed and concealed with pine forests and gurgling waterways with fluffy fog all through! The best time to visit is the midyear months. The stormy season ought to be stayed away from the snows which are vigorous in winter.



The Entryway to Heaven!


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